MSI Provides First Look At Its GeForce RTX 30 SUPRIM 35th Anniversary Limited Edition Graphics Card

Hassan Mujtaba

MSI has teased its upcoming limited edition graphics card, the GeForce RTX 30 SUPRIM 35th Anniversary Edition which commemorates MSI's 35 years in the tech industry.

MSI Teases GeForce RTX 30 SUPRIM 35th Anniversary Graphics Card, Supremely Limited Edition Variant

The MSI GeForce RTX 30 SUPRIM 35th Anniversary Edition graphics card is going to be a limited edition product. The graphics card has the same design as the existing SUPRIM series cards but includes engraved sketches of past-generation Twin Frozr graphics cards in the backplate & the shroud which gives it a more premium look.

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MSI isn't telling which specific variant of the GeForce RTX 30 series lineup this card would be based upon but to celebrate a grand launch such as this, the card should either be an RTX 3080 Ti or the RTX 3090. The card is powered by triple 8-pin connectors, has a dual-bios design, & features great RGB lighting. Following are some details on the MSI SUPRIM X series with Tri Frozr 2S cooling:

MSI GeForce RTX 30 SUPRIM 35th Anniversary Edition Graphics Card Cooling & Design

MSI has incorporated and refined a couple of things in the new Tri Frozr design for SUPRIM X which is now referred to as Tri Frozr 2S while the Gaming X Trio variants feature the Tri Frozr 2 cooling. First is the TORX fan 4.0 which uses a ring design that connects two fan-blades with each other to increase airflow towards the internal heatsink assembly. These fans are made up of a double ball bearing design which ensures silent functionality in heavy loads.

In addition to the cooling fans, the new VIP heatsink has been designed to be denser by using the brand new wave curved 2.0 fin design. The new heatsink makes use of deflectors to allow more air to pass through the fins smoothly, without causing any turbulence that would result in unwanted noise. MSI estimates a 2 degrees (C) drop in temperatures with the updated design versus the previous generation cooling system.


Talking about the heatsink, the massive block is comprised of seven copper squared-shaped heat pipes with a more concentrated design to transfer heat from the copper base to the heatsink more effectively. The base itself is a solid nickel-plated base plate, transferring heat to the heat pipes in a very effective manner. To top it all off, MSI uses their exclusive Thermal Compound X which is said to offer higher thermal interface and heat transfer compared to traditional TIM applications. The 35th Anniversary Edition variant is expected to launch in the coming months.

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