MSI Preparing An Nvidia GTX 970 Gaming Gold Edition

Khalid Moammer

While MSI has evidently chosen to skip creating a Lightning version of Nvidia's new GTX 900 series cards. The company has not been sitting idly by. MSI has a new card up it's sleeve. A Golden card so to speak. We're of course talking about the MSI GTX 970 Gaming Gold Edition.

KitGuru managed to catch a glimpse of the new card in Beat IT 2014. The card features the same TwinFrozr V cooling in the regular MSI GTX 970 Gaming card. According to MSI the new Gold Edition TwinFrozr V cooler is overall more efficient than the regular version.

The entire heatsink along with the heatpipes have been copper plated to match the new look of the shroud. The card has also been equipped with a very sleek looking backplate which wasn't available on the standard GTX 970 Gaming. The backplate features MSI's signature "gaming" dragon art design.


Nvidia's GTX 970 Gets a Golden Make-Over From MSI

It's worthy of note that this isn't the company's first Gold Edition card.
MSI released a GTX 560 Ti TwinFrozr II Golden Edition back 2011.
MSI Nvidia GTX 560 Ti Golden Edition

Gold Edition cards from MSI have always been limited edition runs for popular graphics cards.
The MSI Gaming GTX 970 Gold Edition is no exception. The card will be available for a limited time only. So if you like the aesthetic make sure to jump on the card as soon as it's available. GTX 970s have been difficult to come by as it is due to the popularity of the cards.

Thankfully availability of Nvidia's GTX 900 series cards has improved over the past few weeks. Thanks in part to the aggressive price cuts and game promotions that AMD kicked off.  And partly thanks to various AIB's launching new GTX 900 series cards.

What do you think about the new aesthetic of the GTX 970 Gaming from MSI ? Do you like it ? Would you like to see MSI make a GTX 980 Gaming Gold Edition as well ? We want to know !

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