MSI Implements Dust Removal Technology For Graphics Cards

Sabeeh Qureshi

You might have heard earlier in the year from the guys back at MSI trying to combat a thing known as 'dust' that, on excess build up can cause PC hardware such as graphics cards to heat up. Well they finally came up with a simple yet effective solution that can, effectively, save and give their future graphics cards longer shelf lives.

In a normal graphics card, you turn your PC on, the fans start to spin in one direction and will maintain that momentum until you eventually power off the system. But that's the traditional way now according to MSI.

Starting with their flagship GTX 580 Lightning Xtreme Edition Graphics Card, their MSI cards will feature what they call 'Dust Removal Technology'. In simple words, once this card is installed in your system, the cards will spin their fans in the opposite direction for exactly 30 seconds at 100% fan speed. After that, the fans would rotate in their normal operating direction.

MSI says that this will allow all the accumulated dust inside the graphics card to come out and therefore, giving temperatures up to 15% less in the long run than your average dust filled graphics card.

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