MSI announces GTX 465 Graphic’s card.

Hassan Mujtaba

Nvidia GTX 465 been released yesterday, Many top Nvidia partners came up with their own GTX 465 , MSI also announced its GTX 465 today. MSI officially announced their GTX 465 graphic card featuring the GTX 400 GPU. The N465GTX-M2D1G. MSI N465GTX-M2D1G will feature the latest Nvidia graphic processor named FERMI.

The card will pack 352 Cuda cores with a 40nm process and Direct x 11 compatibility. The card will have a 1GB memory buffer and a high speed GDDR5 memory on a 256 bit wide memory bandwidth. The new GPU will also offer exclusive voltage adjustment feature which will improve performance by up to 15% to deliver maximum performance in games.

Supports Afterburner's Exclusive voltage adjustment and Burn-In Functions

To achieve optimized performance, the MSI N465GTX-M2D1G graphics card supports MSI's exclusive Afterburner Overclocking Utility. In order to have better performance, the utility features a function of voltage adjustment which has up to 15% more overclocking capability. What's more, the integrated Kombustor burn-in program helps identify optimized overclocking limits. With a few easy to follow steps, users can effortlessly enjoy the satisfaction of performance upgrades.

NVIDIA's Exclusive 3D Vision Surround, CUDA, and PhysX Technologies

The MSI N465GTX-M2D1G features the all-new 40nm process NVIDIA Fermi graphics core, which fully supports NVIDIA's exclusive 3D Vision Surround technology and PhysX special effects engine while completely displaying 3D game special effects with a breathtaking magnificence. Lastly, through the application of CUDA computing technology and software support, CPU computing tasks can be effectively shared, allowing the graphics card to provide a noticeable speed boost during both entertainment and normal operations.

Ultra-Stable Military Class Components

To enhance product stability, MSI's all-new N465GTX-M2D1G graphics card adopts military class components such as Hi-c CAP, SSC (Solid State Choke), and all solid CAPs. This not only greatly enhances its operating stability, but even in high load environments it is still capable of continuously providing extreme stability and longevity while avoiding the high frequency operating noise produced by traditional chokes.


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