Motherboard based on Intel’s P67 spotted at Computex 2010.

The Computex 2010 is going on in Taiwan and a guy there spotted a motherboard based on the Intel’s new P67 chipset. According to the report, the manufacturer of the board is “ASRock” and the board is named “P67 Extreme 3”. The chipset will pair up with the 1155 socket which will support Intel’s upcoming “Sandy Bridge” 32nm Processors. The board has said to have no USB 3.0 configuration till now but two of the six native Sata II ports have been upgraded to Sata III 6gbps ports.

The ASRock P67 Extreme 3 motherboard comes with three PCI-e 2.0 slots each which are running at configurations of (16x/8x/4x) respectively from top to bottom. This will allow users to do Tri SLI and Tri – Crossfire X Setups to make the ultimate dream machine they want although bandwidth may be severely limited for more high-performance enthusiast GPUs on the market.

There are four DDR3 DIMM memory slots and the board can support memory upto speeds of 2600+ mhz in dual channel mode. In other words, Sandy Bridge motherboard designs like the P67 Extreme 3 should significantly raise the bar for achievable overclocking limits of what is capable on a mainstream platform.

The board gets power from a 12+2 Phase Power design which will have the ASRock DuraCap high-quality conductive polymer capacitors which will offer 2.5x longer life time than regular capacitors and reports reveal that the new motherboard will not need more cooling than the previous P55 chipset.

So ASRock has done a good job revealing us the architecture of the P67 chipset based motherboards as they are not going to be released sooner than Q1 2011.


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