Most Robot Vacuums Just Suck, This One Doesn’t


Smart vacuum cleaners are no longer a luxury product, with almost every house now owning at least one smart cleaning product to automate home cleaning. However, despite decades of research and development in the area, most robot vacuum cleaners still don't have advanced features like pressurized mopping and AI avoidance.

This often results in us having to pick up the clutter before the cleaning can begin, throwing the whole "automated" part out of the window. yeedi tries to fix that with its affordable and feature-packed smart vacuum cleaners.

yeedi vac 2 pro comes packed with advanced features like the Oscillating Mopping System and 3D Obstacle Avoidance. Its vacuum and mop combo comes in an accessible price bracket but still with advanced features seen in models out of its league.

With its unique oscillating mopping system, yeedi vac 2 pro can scrub stubborn stains off the hard floors easily. It also has a strong suction power of 3000Pa that can pick up hidden dust like it's no big deal. Add in the 3D obstacle avoidance technology and you no longer need to declutter your house before cleaning.

Introducing the Oscillating Mopping System for scrubbed floors!

The Oscillating Mopping System in yeedi vac 2 pro moves back and forth to imitate the manual mopping pattern, but 5x faster for a more thorough cleaning result. This means unlike the regular smart vacuum cleaners that slap a rag on the bottom of a water tank to just drag a wet cloth across the floors, yeedi vac 2 pro imitates actual human mopping but makes it better by doing it 5x faster for a better, deeper clean.

With its 3D structured light technology (the same tech that Apple uses for Face lD), the yeedi robot can measure the length, height, and width of obstacles that are in its way to cleverly dodge them. However, yeedi will not avoid obstacles that are less than 3cm because then the robot can skip floor mats, which can lead to missed spots.

Along with these high-tech features, yeedi vac 2 pro also comes with other necessary features like carpet detection, Smart Visual Mapping & Navigation, and an even optional auto dump feature (compatible with yeedi self-empty station).

Some of the top specs of yeedi vac 2 pro include:

  • 3D Obstacle Avoidance
  • Oscillating Mopping System
  • 420ml dustbin capacity
  • 180ml to 240ml water tank capacity (depending on the model)
  • 5200mAh battery
  • 3000Pa suction power
  • Compatible with Self-Empty Station
  • Complete app and voice control

yeedi's hero model, vac 2 pro, has been debuted recently, while the normal version vac 2 is also available in the market. You can see the differences between the two machines below:

Details yeedi vac 2 yeedi vac 2 pro
List Price $349.99 $449.99
Self-Empty Station (Not Included) Compatible Compatible
All-in-One Vacuum & Mop
Automatic Carpet Detection (Mopping)
Obstacle Avoidance 3D structured light 3D structured light
Mopping Type Long-lasting system Oscillating mopping system
Runtime (min) 110 240
Levels of Suction Power (Pa) 3,000 3,000
Smart Mapping + Navigation
Selective Area & Room Cleaning
Custom Virtual Boundaries
Auto Recharge & Resume Cleaning
Dustbin Size (mL) 420   420
Water Tank Size (mL) 240 180
Lithium Battery (mAh) 2600 5200
Robot Height (mm) 77 77
App & Smart Home Control
Firmware Update (OTA)

yeedi plans to deliver two updates in the future, making yeedi vac 2 and vac 2 pro even more useful. The first OTA update, scheduled for June, will introduce the room merge/split feature to the smart vacuum cleaner. The next update that is scheduled for this August will enable users to store multiple floor maps simultaneously.

The retail price of yeedi vac 2 pro is $449, but the company is currently offering early bird discounts with a big surprise coupon on Amazon. You can also choose to buy it from Walmart or yeedi store.

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