Morse Communication for Deaf and Blind Now Possible on Some Samsung Devices

Using smartphones can often be tricky (and at times impossible) for the visually challenged. It gets exponentially worse when there's a hearing impediment along with bad eyesight. Samsung India today released a unique solution for the problem via an app called Good Vibes. As the name suggests, the app uses the phone's haptic feedback motor to translate regular text into Morse code. It can also translate Morse code into text or voice, offering a two-way communication solution. You can find out more about how it works through the official advertisement for Good Vibes below.

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Good Vibes is now available for download through the Galaxy Store and will be available via the Play Store in the coming weeks. Communicating with deafblind people can often be a challenge, and Good Vibes is going to create a platform where our society will be able to do that with relative ease.

Alongside Good Vibes, Samsung India is also re-releasing another app called Relumino that'll help the visually impaired.  Relumino is Samsung’s smart visual aid that helps near-blind and visually impaired people to see things better and clearer. It combines Samsung’s Gear VR headset with a smartphone app that enables users to view images, read books, and watch TV with better clarity. The mobile application enhances the quality of visuals and text that is shown to the user.

Its Vision Assistive Technology processes images obtained by the camera of smartphone and improves viewing conditions by compensating via edge enhancement, contrast enhancement, text enhancement, blind spot remapping, and distorted image correction. Samsung, along with the National Association for the Blind (NAB) Delhi, will provide the equipment in classrooms to help students with low vision.

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