Tomorrow’s Monster Hunter Rise Patch 3.9.0 Receives Official Release Notes


Capcom has released the release notes for tomorrow’s Monster Hunter Rise patch 3.9.0.

As said, the new update for the popular title will be available starting tomorrow and should download automatically if this feature has been enabled on Nintendo’s platform. As for the contents, this new patch adds new event quests as well as support for a new DLC voice pack for hunters.

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In addition, this new update for the game includes numerous fixes for reported issues, including a fix for a bug that caused the "Utsushi Cut" hairstyle from being displayed properly when combined with certain head armor. Also, this patch fixes a bug with the “Rampage Twinblades I”, as well as a bug with the head armor of the Orion layered armor series.

Down below you’ll find the official release notes for this upcoming patch, as released by Capcom.

Monster Hunter Rise Patch 3.9.0 Release Notes

Main Additions / Changes

  • New Event Quests will be available every week.
  • New DLC can be purchased from Nintendo eShop.

Bug Fixes / Miscellaneous


  • When changing the direction of the Toadversary at the Training Area, the text usually turns yellow, but if the player changes another option after that, the "direction" text would sometimes turn back to white. This has been fixed.


  • Fixed a bug preventing the "Utsushi Cut" hairstyle from being displayed properly when combined with certain head armor.
  • Fixed a bug preventing forelocks from being displayed properly when equipping the head armor of the Orion layered armor series.
  • Fixed a bug with the display of the Azure Age Sleeve on Body Type 2.
  • Fixed a bug causing the "Rampage Twinblades I" to be displayed in the opposite direction if the players uses a whetstone after equipping them.
  • Fixed a bug very briefly causing the player's upper body to turn in an unnatural direction when another player uses Wyvern's Fire during Multiplayer.


  • Fixed a bug preventing other players from accessing certain facilities if the Host is disconnected because no controller inputs were made for a certain amount of time.
  • Fixed various text bugs.
  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes have been made.

Monster Hunter Rise is available globally now for the Nintendo Switch and PC.

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