Monster Digital 128GB SSD Portable Hard Drive ($44.99)


Being able to bring your previous data with you and have it local is a true godsend at times. Storage might be cheap in laptops, but sometimes an external drive lets you share more with your other systems and with your friends far easier than the cloud would. And why settle for the middling speeds of a normal USB thumb drive?

Why not opt instead for a fast SSD with an actual SSD controller that's able to saturate the entire USB 3.0 interface. And why would you not want native encryption either, with very little performance decrease from using it.


128GB SSD for $44.99? Where do I sign up?

We happen to have just what you're looking for in our store, a 128GB external SSD with native encryption for $44.99. Never worry about having to rely on the cloud again. Or just use it to store those super secret documents, all in a lightweight package.

What you'll get:

  • Get higher reliability than w/ rotating hard drives
  • Transfer data quicker than ever before (an HD movie transfers in just 30 seconds)
  • Protect your data w/ 256-bit AES Security
  • Simply plug in to your Mac or PC to use
  • Store photos, videos, files & more
  • View transfer status w/ LED indicatory
  • Easily take it on travel thanks to the compact & light design
  • Detach the USB 3.0 cable when needed elsewhere
  • Utilize the pre-installed Monster Encrypt™ file security