Modern Warfare 3 coming, not in the way you think.


So another industry rumor has begun spreading that Modern Warfare 3 will be in the works, but don't expect it to be an immediate successor to the all time smash hit Modern Warfare 2; this game will be a prequel to one of the main characters in Modern Warfare "Ghost".

Does anyone else this will be an enormous waste of time and money? Who cares about some guy dressed up in a skull mask? Fans of Modern Warfare 2 want a CONTINUATION of the game NOT a prequel, If Acitivsion had to make it any more obvious that they prefer to make games for the sake of a cash cow why haven't they made the rumored Call of Duty in space yet? or charge people a monthly fee for playing their CoD games? This is really bull if they expect us to buy a worthless prequel instead of continuing the story line like they should.

Anyone else get the feeling that Modern Warfare 2 will soon join the ranks of Half-Life 2: Episode 2? i.e no continuation what so ever while the main company only focuses all it's resources making a quick buck?

Source: 360informer