You Can Use Everything in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst’s World


The latest issue of GameMaster (GamesRadar) has a very interesting interview with the senior producer from DICE, Sara Jansson, who tells us a little bit about how interactive the world within Mirror's Edge Catalyst actually is.

Everything can be used for some purpose or another within Mirror's Edge Catalyst.

In it, Sarah Jansson tells us just how dynamic the environment can be, that the entire world can be your free-running playground. Almost everything can be used in your strategy to quickly traverse to your next objective.

"No object in the environment is there just to be pretty. It’s there because it’s a gameplay object. It’s something you interact with.In the first game you could only springboard from certain objects. In Catalyst, you can do it from any object of the right height. It adds to the freedom."

Of course there will also be new tools available to Faith, such as a new grappling hook that could give even more options with all three dimensions being available for Faith to use within the city of Glass. Also, the new more straightforward runner's vision can make for a seamless trip with loading screens also being a thing of the past.

Mirror's Edge Catalyst is still slated for a February 23rd 2016 release date on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and of course the PC.