Minecraft spreads the love by selling two for one

Rizwan Anwer

Minecraft is a popular sandbox game made by a group of Swedish developers and has been in development stages since 2009 but now the game is having what steam users know as a “weekend sale” but the theme for this weekend sale is “Gift the game to someone you wub <3” the way It works is if you buy the game right now you get another code you can use to gift someone special to you; a friend, a sister, a parent, a life partner or even your neighbor. Whoever you want to gift the game to will just have to go HERE and redeem their code.


Minecraft is a small yet brilliant game with the simple idea of make what you want, build a hut made of mud, build a 1:1 scale copy of a skyscraper or even a giant replica of Nyan Cat. In Minecraft the world if your playground where you farm around for materials and use those materials to build whatever you need, be it a bed or even a mansion the sky is the limit.

With an active updates coming constantly and considering the game is still in beta this is a great deal for those of you who have been putting off buying this game because the price was out of your range but now you can share the cost with say a sibling or a friend and gift them the second code and play online with them for half the cost. I for one am definitely getting the game and can’t wait to enjoy what lies ahead.

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