Microsoft Reportedly Spending a “Lot of Money” on Something, And It Isn’t a New Studio

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This past generation saw Microsoft take a backseat to both Sony and Nintendo, but as a new generation of consoles dawns, the company has shown they’re willing to spend big money to get back in the game. Microsoft has been on a shopping spree in recent years, picking up talented development houses like Ninja Theory, Playground GamesObsidian Entertainment, and Double Fine, and according to a new rumor, new studios aren’t the only thing they’re interested in.

This rumor comes courtesy of the generally-reliable Jeff Grubb on the most recent GamesBeat Decides podcast. According to Grubb, Microsoft is shelling out big money for…something. Grubb doesn’t know what exactly it is, just that it isn’t another studio acquisition…

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I have heard that Microsoft is spending a lot of money on something that isn't an acquisition, and...that's basically what I've heard. Not an acquisition and the way it was phrased to me. It would be a big deal and I've been trying to figure it out or even guess it.

Hmmm, so what might Microsoft be opening their check books for? Perhaps exclusive rights to a big third-party game? Or maybe they’re just looking to bring a major title to Xbox Game Pass? Grubb and his co-hosts mention Destiny 2, and the game’s Shadowkeep expansion did just come to Game Pass. Could that be part of a bigger deal? Or is something even bigger in the works?

Speaking of all things Destiny, Grubb and company also went on a short tangent about Microsoft and Bungie. Apparently, Microsoft has made multiple attempts to purchase Bungie, but talks have “fallen through repeatedly.” Don’t expect the two parties to reach a deal anytime soon, as Bungie’s price is reportedly too high for Microsoft right now.

What are your thoughts on all this? What do you think Microsoft is spending the big bucks on? What would you like them to be spending on?

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