Microsoft Plans To Release A New Surface Tablet Without The Windows RT


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The 'delayed' Surface tablet is now back!

In 2014 Microsoft unveiled a new tablet, the Surface Pro 3 (which is deemed as a competitor to the MacBook Air), but never released the regular version of the tab, they also had to close down the plans for amini version of the tab which would have been a likely competitor to the iPad mini. The pro version of these tablets offers a choice of using Windows 8.1 rather than the regular Windows RT.

The announcement of the Surface Pro 3 last year without any regular RT version was very strange, the plans for the Surface Mini were in play but they were also canceled just before it was about to launch. WinBeta claims that the announcement for this new version of the tablet will be made at the Microsoft’s Build conference next month and will go for sale soon after the announcement. It will have a full version of the Windows, most likely 8.1 and will be upgradeable to 10 during the summertime. The CPU will be a low specs one, such as the Intel Atom of Core M central processor. This non Pro version of the Surface tablet coming without the Windows RT version clearly states that the RT is now obsolete.

The design of the tablet is also much inquired about and WinBeta says that the Surface 3 will be a fanless device due to the low specs processor. It’s no surprise to hear that the tablet will not be supporting the Windows RT and instead will be featuring the full functional Windows because the company had already deemed the RT as an unsuccessful operating system. Microsoft has finally bid farewell to the RT and are now looking to compete against low priced tablets from several competitors such as Google and Amazon and also high end products from Apple. Let’s hope this new tablet will be an improvement over the Surface 2 and Pro 3.

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