Microsoft unbanning banned XBOX 360’s, method is mentioned heree

Rizwan Anwer

So apparently Microsoft has thought that the best time to increase their Market share would be buy introducing a Free XBOX Live Gold weekened the same weekend that PSN is down and NOW reports are coming in that your once banned console can now be unbanned without using hacks or anything infact Microsoft has released the very update for you to do 😐

I highly recommend you skip to 1:06 to skip the talk and go straight to the consoles.

You can download the update HERE all you have to do is put the contents of the RAR file in the root / main directory of your USB stick and reboot your 360 for the automatic installation of the update, and once you install the update your console will now be allowed to go on Live.

Could this be a trap from Microsoft? Could Microsoft be giving a second chance to hackers everywhere to redeem themselves? Right now nothing is known and Microsoft hasn't released an official statement yet and its not known whether those of you with modded consoles will be banned again in the near future, but for now grab the cheapest XBOX Live Gold card you can find and enjoy while you can before Microsoft has another change of heart.

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