Microsoft rumored to announce 3 new partners, Mango devices to launch with front cameras

Ammar Malik

We're only hours away from the Windows Phone preview event and already the rumors are starting to surface. While Steve Ballmer has already promised 500 new features in Mango, it looks like video chatting will be one of it. While we don't know the full extent of what the chassis requirement for Mango devices are yet it's rumored that a front facing camera will be one of it. It makes sense though with Microsoft recently buying Skype for nearly 8 billion $ that they'd want the best Skype experience on their phones.

The second rumor is regarding three new partners. We already know Asus is one of them as this was one of the devices where Mango was previewed in MIX. What could the other two be? Acer? Sony Ericsson? Guess we'll have to wait a couple of hours to find out.

Source: Twitter

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