Microsoft Points Done Away With as Currency in Windows 8, Xbox Next?


Anyone with an Xbox 360 is well familiar with Microsoft and their point system, whereby 80 Microsoft Points = $1. While it seems simple it becomes difficult when you have an amount such as 2760 Microsoft points and have to whip out a calculator or a pen and paper to figure out the Dollar value of your current Microsoft points. According to the Verge Microsoft has gone and done away with Microsoft points in Windows 8 and is going to use real money prices over points. Now is the same change headed for the Xbox 360? Millions of users would surely be relieved if this dream were to finally become a reality.


Hallelujah! Microsoft Points are not in Windows 8!

Anyone with an Xbox 360 will know the feeling of having too many Microsoft points or having your points in the xx80 / 60 etc value and having to calculate how much you have left with math but it seems that with the arrival of Windows 8 Microsoft has become more realistic and has finally done away with Microsoft points replacing them with actual currency! Now if this has been implemented on the PC will there an update for the Xbox 360 to help make this currency gone and done with too?

It's good to see that people will no longer have to depend on remembering their basic arithmetic when its time for buying your digital purchases on Xbox Live Marketplace and I for one do hope that the Xbox does see this change through. You are still able to use Microsoft points if you wish in Windows 8 but of course the option for seeing the direct prices in your local currency would be much preferred wouldn't it?

In the earlier Windows 8 Beta builds the OS used Microsoft points as a currency but the final version has been confirmed to use real money instead, so if you were worried about this in Windows 8 then you should be happy with the change.