Microsoft Investigating the Windows Store Issue as Users Fail to Launch It


Windows 10 users are reporting an issue where they have been unable to launch Windows Store on their devices. Microsoft has acknowledged the issue and is currently looking for "diagnostic information to isolate the root cause of the issue."

fix windows store

Microsoft is working to fix Windows Store issue:

Microsoft has acknowledged the Windows Store issue, confirming that users are getting a blank screen when loading the apps, or in other cases are completely unable to launch the Store. Due to this Windows Store access issue, users are unable to download any new apps. Furthermore, they can't update the existing apps too making the incoming updates, which seem to be plenty, completely useless for Windows 10 users. Considering the impact, the company has promised to send a patch to fix Windows Store issue.

Recently, it has come to our attention that a number of users are experiencing issues launching the Store or the Store launches to a blank screen.  We are actively investigating the issue, but we’ll need more diagnostic information to isolate the root cause of the issue.  One way you can help us is by sending in diagnostic information and other feedback to our Windows Store engineering team, so we better understand some of the issues users are encountering in the field.

Since there is nothing users can do at the moment, Microsoft is advising users to provide information on the issue they are receiving on their Windows 10 devices to help the company with identifying and then fixing the problem. Microsoft wants "you to collect logs from your computer or device using the WSCollect.exe tool," and send it to the company:

  • To run WSCollect.exe, open an elevated command prompt. This will create a CAB file and save it to the desktop.
  • Attach the CAB file to the email, and send it with the details below to Win10Store at Microsoft dot com.

If you are experiencing this issue too and want to help Microsoft fix Windows Store access problems, click here to find out more about how to report the issue and what details to include.

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