Complete 2020 Microsoft Excel Expert Bundle Is Up For A Limited Time Discount Offer – Avail Now


Microsoft Excel is a very handy tool and becoming an expert at it will help you become eligible for many jobs. You don’t have to start looking for courses as we have something for you right here. Wccftech is offering a limited time discount offer on the Complete 2020 Microsoft Excel Expert Bundle. The discount offer will expire in two days, so avail it right away.

Complete 2020 Microsoft Excel Expert Bundle features

The bundle is extensive and contains 4 amazing courses. Each course will teach you new skills, so complete them all. Here are highlights of what the Complete 2020 Microsoft Excel Expert Bundle has in store for you:

Microsoft Excel 2019: Advanced
Delve Into High-Level Consolidation, Analysis & Financial Reporting

  •  Access 57 lectures & 8 hours of content 24/7
  •  Learn what’s new/different in Excel 2019
  •  Understand advanced charting & graphing in Excel
  •  Discover how to use detailed formatting tools
  •  Discuss financial functions including calculating interest & depreciation
  •  Connect to other workbooks & datasets outside of Excel
  •  Create awesome visualizations using sparklines & data bars

Power Pivot, Power Query & DAX in Excel
Analyze Data at Scale with These Advanced Excel Functions

  •  Access 44 lectures & 3.75 hours of content 24/7
  •  Get started w/ Power Query
  •  Connect Excel to multiple workbooks
  •  Merge & append queries using Power Query
  •  Set up & manage relationships in a data model
  •  Create a PivotTable to display your data
  •  Use functions such as CALCULATE, DIVIDE, DATESYTD in DAX

VBA for Beginners
Learn Microsoft VBA to Automate Your Time-Consuming Procedures In Excel

  •  Access 32 lectures & 4 hours of content 24/7
  •  Find out how to use the VBA editor, VBA syntax, keywords, & comments
  •  Discover how to define & manage variables, set up subroutines, and create functions
  •  Understand how to use input boxes & message boxes to interact w/ end users
  •  Learn practical methods for using macro errors to improve your VBA code

VBA Intermediate
Discover Excel Automation Secrets with Advanced Micros

  •  Access 37 lectures & 4.5 hours of content 24/7
  •  Learn advanced methods for automating tedious Excel jobs
  •  Discover vital Event Patterns
  •  Discuss Custom Object possibilities
  •  Interface w/ Excel successfully
  •  Work w/ references & libraries

Original Price Complete 2020 Microsoft Excel Expert Bundle: $275
Wccftech Discount Price Complete 2020 Microsoft Excel Expert Bundle: $29.99