Microsoft Developing Kinect Play Fit

Microsoft is preparing a new dashboard software to include a cross-application exercise tracking system, according to sources "Kinect Play Fit" will allow Xbox gamers to track their exercise across multiple Kinect titles, providing tracking metrics in the cloud. The software developers are also planning to release a hardware accessory, codenamed Joule, to accompany the "Kinect Play Fit" service.

The Joule heart-rate monitor will let Kinect owners track their heart rate wirelessly and ensure any exercise is within a target goal for weight loss, strength, or cross-fitness workouts. Although EA currently shipped their own heart rate monitor with EA Sports Active 2 for the Xbox 360.

Microsoft's Joule monitor will be compatible with most Kinect titles but you won't be needing it to make use of the new exercise tracking feature of Kinect Fit Play, there is no solid release date for the Kinect Play Fit system, but sources familiar with Microsoft's plans have indicated  that a future dashboard update will introduce the system.

The system details are expected to be revealed at E3 alongside more Xbox Live content deals and additional software enhancements for the Xbox 360.

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