Microsoft Bringing WebOS Developers To Windows Phone 7 Platform


Just recently HP had announced of completely scrapping off their WebOS hardware for good due to poor sales worldwide. Microsoft, taking advantage of the situation, has offered developers to join the WP7 Bandwagon.

After knowing about HP’s official announcement regarding phasing out all WebOS hardware completely, Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 development chief, Brandon Watson, had offered from his Twitter account all help he could give to all webOS developers who might be looking to move to Windows Phone 7. Rather than letting the PR team of Microsoft handle everything, Brandon is going on directly in helping where ever he can, providing them his email address and even his personal phone number.

So far they have indeed received a response of nearly 1000 emails, asking for developer tools to port their applications to the Windows Phone 7 Platform.

This strategy by Microsoft is indeed a smart one as it will help in boosting Windows Phone 7’s current developer appeal as well as even allow the Redmond Company to hit the 30,000 app mark sooner than expected.

Even though webOS may not have many developers in the first place but this act might help lure others into providing solutions as well as further optimizing their platform. That too is backed by Brandon’s generosity of making all resources available that includes developer documentation, dev tools and free WP7 phones.