Microsoft Kicks Off Its ’12 Days a Deal’: Here Are a Ton of Products You Can Get at Considerable Savings


Microsoft has kicked off its ’12 Days a Deal’ festival and as you might have guessed it, it will run for a total of 12 days, offering something new with every passing day. It is recommended that you check out the sales each and every day because with new products being offered, there is bound to be something that you might end up liking.

You Can Save up to a $1,000 With the Microsoft ’12 Days a Deal’ Program; Here Are Some Attractive Products on Sale Today

When the deal states that you can save up to a $1,000, it actually means that. Unfortunately, there is only product that offers that big of a discount, and it is the Alienware 15 Touch Signature Edition Gaming Laptop. The gaming notebook comes with a slew of beefy hardware, so be sure to check them out. If that was not enough, then how about an Alienware X51 R3 desktop gaming system? In addition to gaming systems, there are a ton of Windows 10-powered notebooks on sale, which only means that you have a massive number of products to choose from before coming to your decision.

However, keep in mind that while the deals might look thoroughly attractive, they will only remain valid till 11:59 pm PT, afterwards the next day’s deal will start to approach. You can check out the deals here, or you can take a look at what Microsoft is offering the next 11 days. For the next day however, you will be pleased to know that the discounts are being placed on the following:

  • $199 for a Lenovo IdeaPad 110 laptop and more

We highly recommend you to purchase notebook today for your everyday use, if you have the available funds, otherwise you will have to wait till next year for Microsoft to announce a brand new set of deals for you.