Micron announces Crucial DDR4 mass production – Targetted for Haswell -EP

Micron Storage has announced it's plans to ramp up the production of DDR4 memory modules. This move comes up in anticipation of the pending launch of the Intel Xeon E5-2600 "Haswell-EP" server processors. The Xeon E5-2600 is expected to be launched in the second quarter of this year. Micron claims that these new modules boast a performance enhancement of 35% over the previous DDR3.

New 4 GB DDR4 modules to have a capability of 2133 MT/s.

The new 4GB DDR4 modules scheduled for production will have a capability of 2133 megatransfers per second. Compared with the previous generation, the DDR4 has a higher productivity, reliability and lower power consumption. Specifications provide a jump in productivity from 1.6 to 3.2 giga transactions per second with a supply voltage of 1.2 Volts. Micron is also sampling faster 2400 MT/s modules for follow up products in 2015.

"Our JEDEC-compliant portfolio showcases the performance and power benefits that DDR4 products can provide for our customers," said Robert Feurle, Micron's vice president of marketing and program management. Pointing towards Micron's collaboration with Intel, he said, "As a result of Micron's close engagement with our key enabling partners, we are well positioned to bring this exciting new technology to market."

"We have been working with Micron since the early days of DDR4 memory definition and through DDR4 product launch," said Geof Findley, Intel DCG Memory Ecosystem Director. "We are very excited that our mutual customers will be able to reap the benefits of this new memory technology to improve performance and reduce power as part of future Intel® Xeon™ processor E5-2600 v3 product family based systems with production availability of these new processors in 2H'14."

Micron’s fully JEDEC-compliant DDR4 portfolio includes RDIMMs, LRDIMMs, VLP RDIMMs, UDIMMs and SODIMMs (ECC and non-ECC), as well as x4, x8 and x16 components. As an improvement, to better handle data losses and improve application performance, crash recovery time and overall SSD endurance and reliability, NVDIMM customer samples are expected in the early third quarter of this year.

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