Metro Exodus PC Enhanced Edition Hotfix Addresses DLSS and HDR Issues

By Francesco De Meo  / 

A new Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition PC hotfix has gone live today, addressing some of the issues found in the game.

The new hotfix introduces fixes for DLSS and HDR issues that caused ghosting. Judging from the patch notes, the hotfix doesn't do much else.

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We have just released a hotfix for Metro Exodus PC Enhanced Edition to address ghosting issues when using DLSS & HDR.

Make sure your game, drivers & OS are updated to the latest versions.

Store version number 6664194

Metro Exodus PC Enhanced Edition is an enhanced version of the game developed by 4AGames, and the only game so far that requires a ray tracing capable GPU to run. In his test, Alessio highlighted how 4A Games did an excellent job in improving the game's visuals without sacrificing performance, which is even more impressive considering the game is being offered as a free upgrade for all owners of the original release.

Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition looks absolutely outstanding and it is clear that 4A Games put a lot of work into this, enhancing the visuals without sacrificing the performance. In fact, subjectively speaking, it appeared to run even smoother than the original during actual gameplay.

Most importantly, it did so for free to any existing owner of the original game. Considering that this is a small studio compared to many others, it is admirable that they were determined to make such significant technical breakthroughs available to all Metro Exodus owners without any other cost. We certainly can't say the same for other, bigger developers and publishers.

Metro Exodus PC Enhanced Edition is now available on PC via Steam. The Enhanced Edition will hit PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S next month.

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