Meet The World’s Slimmest Octa-Core Phone – Huawei P6S

Sohaib Ahmad

The huawei P6 which held the record for the slimmest phone was powered by a relatively weak SOC. Huawei's own chip, the K3V2 was running under its hood. It seems now that Huawei has upgraded it to a octa core chipset. The MediaTek MT6592 will be used. It harnesses the power of eight Cortex A7's while the graphic workload will be handled by the Mali-450.

Huawei P6S To Be The Slimmest Octa Core Phone

While the MediaTek's MT6592 chipset is not awfully powerful, it is better than the one used on the older P6. The MT6592 obtains a modest 26000 points while running on 720p resolution and strangely nears 30000 points when running 1080o resolution. That is nearly a two times difference in the amount of pixels, maybe it is optimized for 1080p well. Point to be noted is that the P6S will have a screen of 720p resolution.

Huawei P6S

While MediaTek will release the MT6592 on 20th November, benchmarks have made it clear that it will not outpace the Snapdragon 800. It is placed nearer to the Snapdragon 600 when considering Raw power. However it is a cheaper alternative which will help push prices further down.

Another model by Huawei, the P6 - U06 will utilize Huawei's own K3V2+ chipset. This is reportedly slightly stronger the normal K3V2, it has four Cortex A9's running at 1.6 GHz and the newer Mali-450 GPU.

Expect the P6S to be available early next year.

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