This Massive 96% Discount Offer On The MCSA SQL Server Certification Training Bundle Expires In A Few Hours

MCSA SQL Server Certification Training Bundle

Start a career or develop a new skill in Microsoft Server Management. This skill set will never go waste and will help you in more ways than one. Getting a certification is extremely hard especially, if you have to study everything from scratch. This can be an expensive ordeal too. So, Wccftech is offering an amazing discount offer for a few hours on the MCSA SQL Server Certification Training Bundle.

MCSA SQL Server Certification Training Bundle features

The bundle includes two very comprehensive courses. Each course has something unique to offer and you will benefit from them a lot. Here are highlights of what the bundle has to offer:

Microsoft 70-764 SQL Server 2016 - Learn How to Administer A SQL Database Infrastructure

  •  Access 105 lectures & 30.5 hours of content 24/7
  • Learn how to administer a Microsoft SQL Server 2016 server
  •  Configure data access, permissions & auditing
  •  Perform encryption on server data
  •  Develop a backup strategy
  •  Restore databases & manage database integrity

Microsoft 70-765 SQL Server 2016 and Azure - Discuss Provisioning SQL Databases

  •  Access 102 lectures & 22.5 hours of content 24/7
  • Deploy a Microsoft Azure SQL database
  •  Plan for a SQL Server installation
  •  Deploy SQL Server instances
  •  Deploy SQL Server databases to Azure Virtual Machines
  •  Configure secure access to Microsoft Azure SQL databases

The bundle has been designed by iCollege. You must have already heard about this venture but if you haven’t, allow me to enlighten you. It is a basically a combined between XpertSkills and XpertEase Software. With their combined resources, both the companies have benefited from it. The courses have been designed by people who have years of experience and skills. All courses designed by iCollege are innovative, relevant, flexible, and extremely valuable to students. So, if you are passionate about learning, you should not waste any time. Get your hands on this amazing offer today.

Original Price MCSA SQL Server Certification Training Bundle: $598
Wccftech Discount Price MCSA SQL Server Certification Training Bundle: $19

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