Massless ‘Weyl fermions’ Have Been Discovered By Scientists

A research going on for 85 years has been finally proved by researchers, massless particles ‘Weyl Fermion’ now officially exist as a result of this great discovery. The particles have great ability to generate electrons because they have properties of both matter and anti-matter within then.

"Weyl fermions could be used to solve the traffic jams that you get with electrons in electronics - they can move in a much more efficient, ordered way than electrons," lead researcher and physicist M. Zahid Hasan from Princeton University in the US told  Anthony Cuthbertson over at IBTimes. "They could lead to a new type of electronics we call 'Weyltronics'."

‘Weyltronics’ will allow superfast and massless Weyl fermions to replace slow-moving electrons

As taught that the whole universe is made up of atoms which consist of fermions and bosons, and that they help in making up matter and carry force.

Speaking about the new discovery Hasan pointed out that, “The physics of the Weyl fermion are so strange, there could be many things that arise from this particle that we’re just not capable of imagining now.” He said that the discovery could possibly lead to further advances and he called the Weyl fermions a “motherboard for future electronic devices” because of their high speed and topological protection.

While talking about massless Weyl fermions, they efficiently carry charge than other electrons. Unlike other electrons which while producing energy bounce into each other and get scattered. It was shown by the Princeton team that Weyl fermion carry charge which is approximately 1,000 times faster than semiconductors and two times faster than the wonder-material graphene.

"It's like they have their own GPS and steer themselves without scattering," Hasan said in a press release. "They will move and move only in one direction since they are either right-handed or left-handed and never come to an end because they just tunnel through. These are very fast electrons that behave like unidirectional light beams and can be used for new types of quantum computing." He added “The discovery of Weyl points is not only the smoking gun to a scientific mystery, it paves the way to absolutely new photonic phenomena and applications.”

Scientists are researching how Weyl fermion can be efficiently and effectively used to reproduce and help in electronics. Researchers have found in Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California that semi metal crystals which are known as tantalum arsenide contain Weyl fermion inside them. Weyl fermions could only exist in a solid crystal form known as quasiparticles.


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