Mass Effect Andromeda PC Version Seems To Be Well Optimized, According To Reports


Mass Effect Andromeda is a little over a week away, and producer Michael Gamble confirmed today that the game is in the hands of reviewers. While they obviously aren't allowed to talk too much about their experience with the game right now, some of them shared some interesting details regarding the PC release.

Reddit user GamingTrend shared a few hours ago some details on the Mass Effect Andromeda PC version performance, noting how the game runs well at High settings on a GTX 980M GPU.

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I don't have an i5 (my laptop has an i7 desktop processor in it -- it's an OriginPC) and a 980M which is approximately the GTX 970 in power, so I should be able to cover that. I can tell you that I'm playing on High and a few Ultras without a hitch. I'm sure there will be a driver update that probably adds even better support. If you've got an i5 and a 970, you won't need to play on Medium.

Additionally, the user set everything at Ultra and managed to play the game at 45-60 FPS. With NVIDIA still having to release new drivers, things are definitely looking good.

I decided to pump up to the Ultra default (no tweaks) and measured with MSI Afterburner. With that and Nvidia's capture stuff (used to be Shadowplay? I don't know what they are calling it these days) running in the background, I was hitting between 45 and 60fps. For the vast majority of people, that's probably going to be fine. I'll be tweaking the settings moving forward to see what it takes to get the framerate to lock at 60, but even before NVidia's inevitable day-0 driver update, this is already well optimized from what I've seen so far. And to answer your question, that's at Temporal AA settings.
For clarity - this is at 1080p at 60hz.

Mass Effect Andromeda launches next week on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in all regions.