Marsback M1 is a RGB Mechanical Keyboard That is completely customziable

Source: Marshback

The Marsback M1 is a gaming keyboard that is currently on Kickstarter, and this Kickstarter campaign focuses on the mechanical gaming keyboard. This keyboard features a 75% layout and RGB lighting through more than just the keys and the keyboard itself! To get this keyboard, you can check out the Kickstarter campaign and pledge at least $165.

The Marsback M1 Mechanical gaming keyboard features a unique RGB lighting design and can connect up to three devices at once!

The Marsback M1 keyboard is different from other RGB keyboards as other keyboards have RGB lighting that shines through on each key. The Marsback M1 keyboard has RGB lighting not just through the keys but also the keyboard's bottom casing. This RGB lighting is configurable through the Marsback Pro software. This software controls the RGB lighting and gives you the ability to configure each key.

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Source: Marshback

Jack Walker, co-inventor of Marsback M1, said, "As a gaming brand dedicated to combining high-performance hardware with aesthetic, M1 is designed to offer gamers the ultimate gaming experience. The Kickstarter campaign will help us manufacture our units and finalize our packaging components so M1 can arrive in homes across the world as soon as possible."

This keyboard uses the Marsback Switch, this switch features double lubrication switches, and the trigger reaction is as low as 1 ms. These technical specifications of the key switches ensure a quiet operation. There are three different versions of the Marsback Switch, and these change the actuation force required.

This keyboard can connect two different ways, and these are Bluetooth 5.1 or a Type-C connection. The Bluetooth 5.1 Connection can connect up to three devices, allowing users to connect Mac/iOS, Android, and Windows devices with ease. This keyboard features a Smart Sleep mode, and this mode automatically goes into sleep mode after ten minutes of inactivity when using a Bluetooth connection.

The Marsback M1 keyboard is on a Kickstarter campaign. To get a Marsback M1 keyboard through this Kickstarter campaign, you'll need to pledge at least $165. This price is the special offer price and is only available for a limited number of backers. At the time of writing, two slots are left!

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