How To Better Manage Background Apps On iPhone Running iOS 8

Here's how you can take full control of background apps on your iPhone. This process will ensure that you end up saving battery life and have full control of what's happening behind the scenes.


Jailbreaking enhances the overall user experience of iOS which Apple provides at a stock level. You get the option to customize every bit of Cupertino's mobile operating system according to your liking. From customizing the status bar to assigning different animations when you scroll through pages of apps, there is something for everyone in the world of jailbreaking. And now, a new tweak called 'Watchdog Pro' aims to take the iOS experience even further, by giving users more control of apps that live in the background.

Watchdog Pro can be aptly described as a tweak that's a background manager at best. But we'll dive into details of what the tweak is actually capable of doing.

watchdog pro

Once downloaded and installed, Watchdog Pro brings forth three background behaviors: Smart Background, Prevent Suspension and Keep in Foreground. When selected, Smart Background will instantly suspends an app as soon as the Home button is pressed, this in turn, of course, will save battery life. Prevent Suspension is great as well; when you press the Home button on an app that supports native backgrounding, the app will keep on running indefinitely in the background until it's closed manually. Lastly, the Keep in Foreground option will make sure that apps that do not support native backgrounding stay alive in the background. In short, they'll be treated as they are still being used by the user.

These options are absolutely handy if you're asking us. For starters, you can cleverly assign which app stays alive or is instantly suspended in the background to save battery life. Downloading or uploading content and can't leave the app until the process is complete? No problem, Watchdog Pro is here to save the day. Want to switch between apps without worrying about data being reloaded from scratch? You're well covered in that regard as well. The possibilities are endless if you're asking us.

All of the options pertaining to Watchdog Pro can be configured via a dedicated panel in the native Settings app.

watchdog pro

The Watchdog Pro tweak can be downloaded directly from Cydia under the BigBoss repo for just $2.99. What Watchdog Pro offers is absolutely brilliant and we really wish that such a thing was part of stock iOS. But with Apple being Apple, we're certain that such a thing won't make the cut any time soon.

If you happen to take Watchdog Pro for a spin, then do let us know when you think about it in the comments section below.

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