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Acquiring skills is an extremely hard thing to do. However, learning something that is fun can always be beneficial. Wccftech is offering you an opportunity to acquire skills that are extremely helpful and fun to do. Get an amazing discount offer on The Make: Arduino Hacker eBook Bundle. The offer is for a limited time only, so hurry and avail now.

The Make: Arduino Hacker eBook Bundle features

With this bundle you will learn to create wearables, robots and so much more. It includes 15 extremely comprehensive courses that will help you every step of the way. Here are highlights of what The Make: Arduino Hacker eBook Bundle has to offer:

  • Getting Started with Adafruit Circuit Playground Express
    Start Making Your Own DIY Electronics with a Beginner-Friendly Look at This Versatile Board
  • Make: Basic Arduino Projects: 1st Edition
    Kickstart Your Arduino Journey with Guides for 25+ Hands-on Projects
  • Getting Started with Adafruit FLORA
    Create Your Own Wearable Electronics with a Primer on This Arduino-Compatible Platform
  • Environmental Monitoring with Arduino: 1st Edition
    Use the Power of Arduino to Create Gadgets That Can Measure Radiation, Noise & More
  • Getting Started with Arduino: 3rd Edition
    Learn the Arduino Essentials from the Platform's Own Co-Founder
  • Getting Started with Netduino: 1st Edition
    Explore Creating Your Own Networked Devices on This Powerful Micro-controller Platform
  • Jumpstarting the Arduino 101
    Elevate Your Arduino Understanding as You Explore Using This Advanced Board
  • Learn Electronics with Arduino
    Fast Track Your Way to Creating DIY Electronics with This Accessible Arduino Introduction
  • Make: Lego & Arduino Projects: 1st Edition
    Walk Through Creating Robots, a Music Synthesizer & More with Step-by-Step Help
  • DIY MintDuino: Building an Arduino-Compatible Breadboard Micro-Controller
    Create Your Own Reflex Testing Game with This MintDuino Guide
  • Getting Started with the Internet of Things
    Create Your Own IoT-Connected Devices with This Easy-to-Follow Guide
  • Linux for Makers
    Bring the Power of Linux to Your DIY Electronics Projects
  • Getting Started with Adafruit Trinket
    Flex Your DIY Electronics Knowledge with 15+ Projects for This Arduino-Compatible Board
  • Atmospheric Monitoring with Arduino: 1st Edition
    Build Gadgets That Can Detect Invisible Gases & Substances in the Air
  • Make: Sensors 1st Edition
    Master Sensors & Build Arduino Projects That Interact with the Physical World

Each course has been designed by an expert, so it is worth the investment.

Original Price The Make: Arduino Hacker eBook Bundle: $277.85
Wccftech Discount Price The Make: Arduino Hacker eBook Bundle: $19.99