macOS 11.3 Big Sur Will Fully Charge Your MacBook to 100% Ahead of a Calendar Event so You Don’t Have to


According to code found in macOS 11.3 Big Sur, Apple is planning to add more smarts to the Optimized Battery Charging feature.

Forgot to Charge Your MacBook Air or Pro to 100% Ahead of a Meeting? macOS 11.3 Big Sur Will Take Care of that

With the release of macOS 10.5.5, Apple introduced a new Optimized Battery Charging feature that learns from your MacBook usage habits and draws current from a wall adapter to charge up to 100% only when needed to reduce chemical aging of the internal battery. Sounds like a genius idea, and it is, especially if you use your MacBook in a desktop-like setup, but it can actually end up deceiving you.

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Once macOS learns that you use your MacBook Air or Pro plugged in all the time, therefore it will hold the charge at 80%. If you want to charge all the way to 100%, you have to do the legwork yourself by clicking on the battery option in the menu bar and then click on Charge to Full Now. Basically, many of you walked out of your home with an 80% charged MacBook and straight into a meeting.

With macOS 11.3 Big Sur, it seems as though Apple is adding polish to this specific area. According to code found in the latest beta of macOS, the desktop OS will charge your MacBook Air or MacBook Pro all the way to 100% ahead of a scheduled meeting that is added as a calendar event. The process will happen 3 hours ahead of the event so you walk, or join in, with a full battery.

If you like, you can disable the feature completely right now. This will ensure that your laptop is 100% charged whenever you plug in that USB-C cable. But keep one thing in mind: if you keep your laptop charged for longer, it will cause severe wear and tear over a long period of time.

This feature only works with MacBook Pro and MacBook Air laptops with Thunderbolt 3 / USB-C ports.

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News Source: MacRumors