This MacBook Folio Concept Shows How a Portable Mac Would Look With a Foldable Form Factor

Omar Sohail
This MacBook Folio Concept Shows How a Portable Mac Would Look With a Foldable Form Factor

Apple is said to be working on a 20-inch foldable MacBook, but it may take a while for a device of this form factor to materialize. While the technology giant continues to perfect this MacBook variant, check out this gorgeous concept, called the ‘MacBook Folio,’ which envisions exactly what you want to see from a foldable portable Mac.

MacBook Folio Concept Has an Unrealistic Level of Thinness, Along With a Touchscreen Keyboard and Stylus Support

The MacBook Folio concept comes with both Touch ID and Face ID support. Antonio De Rosa cleverly assigned the fingerprint reader to the side of the device, making it behave in the same manner as the iPad Air 4. As for the Face ID sensors, they are embedded in a ‘pill + punch-hole’ cutout at the top of the foldable MacBook instead of straight up using a notch. We feel that this is the right approach because it not only provides additional screen real estate, but does not disfigure the design.

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The touchscreen keyboard of the MacBook Folio doubles as a display, assuming you want to get a larger viewing of whatever you are watching. Just in case you want to carry out some productivity-related tasks, a keyboard will show up, though we are not sure how about the tactile feedback when compared to a regular keyboard with physical keys. There is also a stylus with ‘Hey Siri’ support. Overall, the MacBook Folio gives off iPad Pro vibes as it sports rounded corners, with flat edges.


Due to the sheer thinness of the MacBook Folio, there is no room to accommodate I/O bigger than USB-C ports, and if this concept ever turns into a reality, these will likely support Thunderbolt 4, or Thunderbolt 5 if the newer standard is introduced in the future. Due to the development that goes into making such a product, it needs to be practical, portable, and functional. In short, we would not be surprised to see a price tag less than $2,499.

Of course, we will find out what Apple’s pricing strategy is once a MacBook of this class actually launches, but keep your wallets stuffed because it is not going to be cheap.

News Source: Antonio De Rosa

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