Older Mac Lineup Gets a Price Cut From Apple as You Upgrade the Storage

Mac older lineup price cut Apple

With all the attention being given to the latest generation of MacBook Pro models, you probably didn’t see that Apple cut the pricing of its older Mac lineup. As you upgrade the storage of those particular models, the pricing discounts automatically start to appear.

Here’s the Price Reduction Introduced for the Older Apple Mac Lineup

Before the event kicked off, Macrumors reports that the 512GB storage options were priced between $300-$400 for several entry-level machines, and if you decided to bump that storage up to 1TB, it would cost you an extra $800-$900. Now that the newer models have been introduced to the public, the 512GB storage upgrade will set you back by $200-$300 while the 1TB storage option will cost $600-$700. Purchasing an Apple Mac model just became a whole lot easier, even though the overall package is still going to cost you.

Coming to the higher-end MacBook Air, if you decide to upgrade the storage capacity from 256GB to 512GB, it will cost you $200, making it a $100 cheaper compared to the cost of the upgrade that was presented earlier this year. Apple’s iMac has yet to receive the same treatment as the newly announced MacBook Pros, but Apple has decided to make things simpler for you when it comes to upgrading the storage on these machines. The entry-level 27-inch iMac getting upgraded to 512GB of flash storage would have cost you $500, but that price has dropped to $400.

For the mid-range 27-inch iMac, given below are the storage upgrade prices that were presented before and after the announcement of the new MacBook Pro 2016 family.


  • Before: $400, After: $300


  • Before: $900, After: $700

On the most expensive 27-inch iMac, upgrading to 1TB of storage will now cost you $100 less compared to earlier. On the high-end Mac mini models, prices have dropped to $200 for the 512GB flash storage option and $600 for the 1TB flash storage option. The same prices are available on both Mac Pro models, a savings of $100 for 512GB and $200 for 1TB. Coming to the 2015 MacBook Pro models, the 15-inch storage upgrade options are also priced at $200 for 512GB and $600 for 1TB, down from $300 and $800, respectively. Upgrade options for the 13-inch machine are new and are priced somewhat higher at $200 for 256GB, $400 for 512GB, and $800 for 1TB.

Though Apple has made things relatively simpler for those that want to purchase previous generation machines, it would be really great if 2017 would appear and get to see the new iMac refreshed models the tech giant has prepared for us.


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