M2 MacBook Air Gets Unboxed Thanks to an Early Delivery – New Machine, Accessories, Paperwork, Shown in New Gallery

M2 MacBook Air Gets Unboxed Thanks to an Early Delivery, New Machine, Accessories, Paperwork, Shown in New Gallery

One M2 MacBook Air arrived early for a lucky customer, and what better way to unbox the new product than by uploading an entire gallery for the public to see. The portable Mac is shown from nearly all sides, along with all the accessories and paperwork that Apple bundles with it.

Product Showcase of the M2 MacBook Air Reveals Inverted-T Arrow Keys, Flatter Edges, and a Notch at the Top

A Reddit user going by the handle u/br3scia was surprised to see the M2 MacBook Air waiting to get unboxed when the lucky customer returned home from work. The pictures uploaded by the person show the machine in the Silver finish, with the images also revealing that the redesigned MacBook Air sports flatter edges and a notch at the top, giving the impression of a latest-generation iPhone.

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The MagSafe connector has returned and is present on the left-hand corner, along with two USB-C ports that support the Thunderbolt 3 standard. A 3.5mm audio jack is located on the right-hand side, so it does not get in the way of the other ports. The packaging of the M2 MacBook Air includes a MagSafe 3 charging cable that matches the same finish as the actual product, along with a manual, some Apple stickers, and a quick start guide.

M2 MacBook Air Gets Unboxed Thanks to an Early Delivery, New Machine, Accessories, Paperwork, Shown in New Gallery

Powering the machine for the first time, the customer also shows that the M2 MacBook Air sports a vibrant display, but apart from that, we did not get to see how it performed. The customer also did not pop open the back of the portable Mac to reveal its cooling solution, but that was not necessary because a previous leak revealed a fanless cooler, with a large heatsink covering all the components that will be doing the work, including the M2.


The M2 MacBook Air will officially go on sale on July 15, so more customers will likely get their hands on the redesigned notebook. Hopefully then, we will get to know more about it, so stay tuned and check out the image gallery.

News Source: Reddit

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