Logitech’s G502 SE Hero Mouse is Just $30

Logitech's G502 SE Hero is currently at it's lowest price being just $29.99 from the initial amount of $79.99. This mouse has some fantastic features like a high-performance HERO 16K sensor, 11 customizable buttons, onboard memory, an adjustable weight system, and mechanical buttons.

Logitech's G502 lineup is currently on sale for up to 63% off!

The Logitech's G502 SE Hero offers fantastic features:

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  • High-performance HERO 16K sensor
    • This 16K sensor is Logitech's most accurate sensor yet offering the highest speed for the best experience in gaming speed, accuracy, and responsiveness!
    • This 16K sensor offers 16,000 DPI with zero smoothings, filtering, or acceleration.
  • 11 customizable buttons and Onboard Memory
    • This mouse provides a total of 11 customizable buttons with having four extra buttons on the left-hand side of the mouse, with two being right next to the left mouse button.
    • The onboard memory offers the ability to use this mouse on a different computer without having to download Logitech's software.
  • RGB lightings and LIGHTSYNC technology
    • Logitech's LIGHTSYNC technology offers customizable lighting from nearly 16.8 million colors to provide sync these colors with other Logitech G gear. The LIGHTSYNC software controls the light housed in the mouse, which shows off the Logitech G symbol housed in the palm rest of the mouse. Along with three lights that are housed on the left side of the mouse.
  • Customizable weights
    • This mouse offers the ability to have a customizable weight, which is set by either removing or adding one of the five 3.6G weights included with the mouse. This feature provides more control over your mouse's systems.
  • Amazing overall design
    • The mouse's design is impressive when comparing to the HERO sensor, and the special edition mouse offers a black base color while having white accent colors. The HERO mouse is simply all black.
  • 50 Million click switches
    • The buttons on the mouse offer 50 million clicks durability; this durability is derived from fully mechanical switches.

The non-special edition of the Hero mouse is currently $41.99, which is 48% off the original price of $79.99. Logitech's G502 SE Hero mouse is presently on sale, costing just $29.99, which is 63% off the initial amount of $79.99. This makes the special-edition a fantastic deal when comparing to the original model of the hero mouse.

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