Logitech Announces Its Rugged Combo Case Dedicated Towards Apple’s New iPad


The Smart Keyboard case from Apple is only available for the two iPad Pro models, but Logitech has just announced its Rugged Combo Case specifically for the new iPad. Needless to say, you have just found yourself a neat little notebook substitute combination without spending money on an iPad Pro or that keyboard accessory either.

Logitech’s New Product for the 9.7-Inch iPad Features a Detachable Keyboard That Has Decent Key Travel

According to Logitech, the new Rugged Combo Case is designed for the new iPad and the company has intended the accessory to be targeted to teachers and students alike.

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Michele Hermann, Vice President of mobility at Logitech stated the following about the company’s latest accessory.

“iPad is changing the way teachers teach and students learn, and the Logitech Rugged Combo for the new 9.7-inch iPad is built from the ground up with personalized-learning in mind. We worked with Apple to design the Rugged Combo to be incredibly durable and protect iPad while bringing a secure keyboard connection that’s approved for testing, so teachers and students can focus on expanding what’s possible inside the classroom and beyond.”

According to the manufacturer, the Rugged Combo Case also features the same typing experience as that of a laptop, which suggests that the accessory will be able to deliver a higher key travel. Keyboards with a higher travel equal to a faster typing speed, which is why you continue to see mechanical keyboards the preferred product for increased typing sessions and despite their bulk, they are popular for that very reason.

Logitech has not unveiled the price of its latest accessory but knowing that the company does not price its goods cheaply, you can rest assured that you will have to spend a decent amount to transform your iPad into a notebook substitute. Still, for $329, this is possibly the best tablet that you can purchase right now and it also has decent hardware to back it up.

Would you purchase the Logitech Rugged Combo Case to help you tackle your necessary tasks on your iPad? Let us know your thoughts right away.

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