LinkedIn Students App Will Allow College Grads Find Jobs The Easy Way

Ali Salman

Fresh graduates might have a little tough time competing in the job market. However, LinkedIn still believes that its network can still be useful to them. Later today, the company is launching an iPhone app that would aim to provides assistance to college graduates in identifying job titles and miscellaneous companies that might suit their criteria. Let's head down and see some more details on the LinkedIn Students app.

LinkedIn Students

LinkedIn Students App To Make Job Search Easy For College Grads

The LinkedIn Students app would of immense importance for fresh graduates or students who are about to graduate and have no idea what career road to embark on and how are they going to do that. The app is specifically designed for students with controls and operations minimized in a Tinder-styled layout. However, it makes it a lot easier for students to choose their desired job. The first look of the app was revealed to VentureBeat, who noted the working of the app and how can it be useful for students.

LinkedIn features firms that are actively recruiting at your school and that it thinks may be a great fit. When digging deeper, you’ll see alumni that currently work there, company information, what specific jobs they’re hiring for, and more.

With the suggested alumni cards, the idea is to give students an opportunity to begin establishing a network of peers in their space. These cards show alumni who you might be inspired by and who have the same major. Ideally, those listed graduated from college between 2 to 5 years ago, but if LinkedIn can’t find anyone who fits that criteria, it’ll pull in more seasoned alumni.

Linked In Students

As we have mentioned before, the LinkedIn Student app will be a Tinder-styled app that will make use of cards. Each card having a specific purpose and tapping on it will reveal further details about the profession. Some of the details include the range of salary which is being offered for the specific job, job description, available jobs and more. Other cards include recommended companies and suggested alumni that you can reach out to. You will have to swipe cards in order to dismiss them or explore other options within.

LinkedIn Students will be available on both iOS and Android. Initially, it will only be released in the U.S, but gradually over time it will roll out to other regions as well. This is it for now, folks. Will you guys give LinkedIn Students a whirl? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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