Lingoda Live Language Courses Are Up For Amazing Discounts For A Few Hours – Avail Now

Lingoda Live Language Courses

You can learn new languages without it being a hassle. Wccftech is offering amazing discounts on the Lingoda Live Language Courses. The offer will expire in a few hours, so avail it right away. You can get 4 classes, 12 classes, or 20 classes, depending on your need. Each class will be 60 minutes, and experienced native-speaking teachers will teach it.

Lingoda Live Language Courses Features

Lingoda revolutionizes the way you will learn a new language. You can take the classes any time you want as the classes are available 24/7. It will fit your schedule perfectly, and you don’t have to worry about any clashes with other commitments. In no time at all, you will be able to speak the language fluently. Here are highlights of what the Lingoda Live Language Courses has in store for you:

  •  Schedule 4/12/20 group classes for the whole month
  •  Each class is usually 60 minutes long
  •  Small group classes with 3 to 5 students
  •  Offer only available to learn French OR Spanish
  •  Taught by qualified, native-speaking teachers
  •  24/7 availability; learn day or night, weekday or weekend
  •  CEFR aligned language courses to cater to beginner to advanced levels

How It Works

  1.  Choose your course. Select the course that suits you, then create an account and start learning.
  2.  Choose your level. Select between A1 – C1 (Spanish and Business English up to B2). Check your proficiency level here.
  3.  Choose your class. Book a class based on topics relevant to you and select a time 24/7 that suits you

System Requirements

  •  Zoom account
  •  Stable web connection

Important Details

  •  Length of access: 1 month
  •  Pay every 4 weeks; cancel or change a plan anytime
  •  The subscription automatically rolls over for the next month. Customers will get a notification via email and can opt to cancel with no complications
  •  Redemption deadline: redeem your code within 30 days of purchase
  •  Access options: desktop or mobile
  •  Updates included

Original Price Lingoda Live Language Courses:
4 Classes: $67 I 12 Classes: $165 I 20 Classes: $240
Wccftech Discount Price Lingoda Live Language Courses:
4 Classes: $49.99 I 12 Classes: $119.99 I 20 Classes: $168.99

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