Limited Deal: $500 Off Paris Rhône 4K UST Laser Projector – $900 Cheaper Than Competing ALPD 3.0 4K Projectors

Abdullah Saad

Today we have an incredible deal for our customers, the Paris Rhône laser 4K UST projector is available at a solid $500 discount exclusively for our audience. The 4K UST projector, which normally costs $2399 is available only for $1899 using our special link over here. Considering competitors like LG, Vava, Mi etc have similar projectors at $2800+ this is would make it one of the cheapest, yet highest specced, 4K UST projectors on the market at a discount of almost $900!

Technical specifications of the Paris Rhône 4K UST Laser projector

The Paris Rhône 4K UST projector features a dual laser engine powering the ALPD 3.0 platform. This has a red laser and a blue laser (divided into a pure blue laser and a phosphor component to make green) that passes through a DLP wheel to create a stunning 2000 lumen image on screen. Unlike a lot of its competitors, the ultra-short throw Paris Rhône projector can actually support a screen size between 80 to 150 inches from a distance of 5.4 to 18.8 inches from the wall.

Of course HDR 10 is supported and while competitors may go with 20W speakers, the Paris Rhône has two 25W speakers that can effortlessly play Dolby or DTS tracks. Furthermore the projector features a complete Android 9 based Smart TV system so you can play all of your favorite content on Netflix, Amazon Prime etc effortlessly without plugging anything in. Paris Rhône’s MEMC and motion smoothing technology ensures a very high frame rate and makes it extremely fluid to watch sports – so is an excellent choice if you are a football or F1 fan.

The projector is capable of displaying a contrast ratio of 3000:1 thanks to its laser engine and should be an excellent TV replacement alternative at up to 100 inches without a gain screen and up to 150 inches with an Ambient Light Rejecting (ALR) UST Gain screen.

While many DLP and lamp based projectors have a lamp life of only 3000 hours after which they start to get seriously dim, the Paris Rhône projector has a laser source which lasts upwards of 25000 hours. This means that you could watch TV for 6 hours every day and it won’t run out for another 10 years! This is one light source that is not going to give up on you before you give up on it.

Competitors for the Paris Rhône projector are priced between $2800 to $2999 and are built on the same ALPD 3.0 laser platform for ultra short throw projectors so finding a similar specced projector for just $1899 is an insane deal!

About Paris Rhône

Paris Rhône is a brand that is steeped in history. They might be new to projectors, but they have over 100 years of experience in serving customers and building up trust. The Paris- Rhône Industrial Company was created in Villeurbanne in France in 1915. In 1925, they launched their first vacuum cleaner. In 1941, the first electric tricycle (yeap they were ahead of times),  in 1970s they expanded to kitchen appliances and by the 1980s they had occupies a large amount of market share in the sectors they operated in.

With the 21st century, comes brand new product segments and the Paris Rhône projector is one of them. This is why they can afford to give you the bleeding edge ALPD 3.0 based UST projector at significantly cheaper rates than competitors and why you can trust the brand for its integrity and reputation that has been built up over a 100 years.

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