Lightroom 5.1 for iOS & iPadOS Gains Support for Direct Import & Advanced Export

Lightroom for iPad

Adobe has released a new update for Lightroom for iOS and iPadOS, which brings support for Direct Import from SD cards and other external storage devices to the popular app. Lightroom 5.1 also gets support for advanced export, which means that users get granular control over image format, metadata and other options, while saving images. Users can also create and share albums from the iOS version of Lightroom, which can then be shared with Lightroom users on other platforms.

One of the new features in iOS and iPadOS was support for direct file import from SD cards and other external storage devices. Users can plug in a USB-C card reader or storage device on iPad Pro, or use a Lightning port accessory to connect an SD card on iPads and iPhones. Adobe has built-in support for this feature in Lightroom and users can now import JPEG and RAW files directly, without going through the Photos or Files apps, and creating duplicates. The import speed is also much faster than the older workflow.

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This video by Adobe shows how seamless the new import process is.

The app also supports advanced export, similar to its desktop counterpart. Users can now bulk export images, and select the file format, watermark, color space, file name and output sharpening. This will definitely help speed up a number of workflows on iPad.

Lastly, users can now create shared albums and add photos to them, even with a free account. These shared albums can also be accessed and modified using Lightroom on other platforms like Mac, PC and Android.

Here are the complete release notes for Lightroom 5.1:

Direct Import: You can now import directly from an SD card or other attached media after connecting to your iPhone or iPad. This feature requires iOS / iPadOS 13.2 or later.

Advanced Export Options: Select and control all of the characteristics of an export, including file type (JPEG, TIF, or original), pixel dimensions, compression, watermark, file name, output sharpening, and color space. Tap the Share icon to find this and other export and sharing options. You can also now export multiple files in their original file type.

Improved Shared Albums: Anyone can now add photos to a shared album that they have access to directly from their device, even without a paid membership.

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Although Adobe's Photoshop for iPad did not launch to glowing reviews, Lightroom is one of the most popular photo editing apps on iPhone and iPad. It has an aggregate rating of 4.8 out of 5, based on 31.3K ratings, which is amazing.

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You can download the app for free for your iPhone or iPad, from the link below.

Download Lightroom from App Store

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