Lian Li Goes Big At Computex With Their Odyssey X

Lian Li, a renowned case maker, has gone all out for Computex 2019, bringing a huge amount of products. They have the Odyssey X which is a case that changes shape based on the performance you are seeking. They have also brought two different PC desks that also feature a motor to go from sitting to standing.

 Odyssey X - A Morphing Chassis

LIAN LI breaks out onto the special form factor showcase world with the Odyssey X, a one of a kind 2 in 1 morphable PC chassis designed with the help of Der8auer. This is competing with some of InWin's unique cases. The Odyssey X is a case that was designed to offer everything you would expect from LIAN LI which is a well-rounded DIY oriented case. It also provides a unique level of customization with its ability to change between two modes, Performance vs Dynamic. While in performance mode, it is designed to provide a lot more space for thick radiators, one at the front and one on the side, while keeping a more classic style. When assembled in Dynamic mode, the all-aluminum Odyssey X is more based upon a look with an aggressive design aesthetic. This goes well in any place, guaranteed to turn heads.

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 DK-04F And DK-05F - PC Desk With The Added Feature Of A Sit And Stand Desk

The  DK-04 F and DK-05 F provide a desk/workstation solution with a stylish design, adjustable height electrical system, roomy single/dual system bay. This allows for great airflow through the system. LIAN LI go as far as adding a crystal top panel. A very bold move as glass comes with many challenges such as weight and cleanliness. When on, the panel is as clear as the tempered glass it is made of. The panel can turn dark to provide a more discreet finish. Their new LED management and fan speed control buttons can be found at the front of the desk which allows you to fully control your desk's style and noise level. This is something the market has been looking for and Lian Li has delivered.


 TU150 - A Retractable On Top

Following the latest PC DIY trends, the TU150 functionalities are inspired by the market leaders TU100 and TU200. The new handle adds portability to the system and can just suddenly vanish into the case when it is not in use. All the space gained in the handle area allows for cable management which is a must in mini-ITX cases. It will be available with an aluminum side panel or a tempered glass side panel, the TU150 lets the user display their RGB enthusiasm or remain classy and subtle. Keeping the DIY spirit in mind, the TU150 remains a roomy mini-ITX case with plenty of space for cable management, room for a 120mm fan at the front and the rear for good air circulation and temperature control, and enough depth for a 172mm tall air cooler or a 120mm AIO. An improvement upon the TU100 and TU200 which I believe will be well received.


These are some of the great products that Lian Li has on display. More products can be seen at their booth. More details will become available once the products are listing on their website.

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