LG V20 Teaser Poster Highlights Its Superior Audio – Something That Most Flagship Phones Don’t Possess


LG V20 is going to be announced during the 1st week of September, and one of its many expected accomplishments is that it’s going to be the first non-Nexus Android smartphone to come running with Nougat 7.0 ‘out of the box’. That might be impressive, but most flagship smartphones often negate their high-end devices from packing speakers that deliver stellar quality, most likely because they believe that our entire experience will revolve around plugging in our earphones.

LG does not believe in this approach, and it appears that the upcoming V20 is going to pack quite a punch when it comes to delivering superior audio quality.

LG V20 Could Have a Superior Audio Chip Packed Inside – Most Likely Going to Be Marketed to Audiophiles

Most flagship phones turn away from incorporating a superior audio chip, because they believe that it’s the least of their concerns. Their primary concern would naturally revolve around a terrific display, impressive camera performance, optimized software and increased battery life. Delivering superior audio quality is something that most manufacturers overlook, by LG V20 could cater to the requirements of audiophiles by boasting this impressive feature.

It’s also possible that the upcoming V20 features a secondary screen, which could be used to carry out a number of functions. Since we have yet to see the full extent of Android 7.0 Nougat’s capabilities, the arrival of the upcoming flagship will somewhat ensure how the latest and greatest OS from Google is going to run on a smartphone that does not feature the ‘Nexus’ branding.

However, it does not look like the smartphone is going to be cheap by any means because according to the leaked pre-order pricing details, the upcoming flagship is going to feature a $650 price tag. Additionally, we’re also worried about LG’s QC control, since lots of consumers have been complaining about the poor build quality of not just its G5, but the modules that are supposed to get attached it.

If LG V20 is honestly expected to be a godlike smartphone, such issues should be addressed entirely because in those regions where the prices of phones are sky high due to the difference in exchange rates, only the consumer suffers. Are you excited to see a superior audio chip present inside the LG V20? Tell us your thoughts right away.

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