LG’s New UltraFine 5K Monitors Exhibit No Issues When Placed Near Wireless Routers


After working together to resolve the issue, both Apple and LG have managed to fix the problems that were plaguing the UltraFine 5K units. For people that want to complement their 2016 MacBook Pro workspace can purchase a unit from Apple’s website without fear that the high-resolution display will be behaving in the same erratic manner as before.

Problem That Was Caused Due to Improper Shielding Is No Longer Present in the Latest UltraFine 5K Iterations

To recap, LG’s UltraFine 5K displays started behaving abnormally when they were placed near the proximity of a wireless router. They would sometimes not power on even when connected to the Thunderbolt 3 port of the MacBook Pro, forcing the user to hard reset the machine. This was definitely a headache that users did not want to deal with and after paying a hefty sum for both the notebook and monitor if you are still not getting your money’s worth in terms of proper functionality, then it was up to Apple and LG to bump up the quality of these displays.

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According to 9to5Mac, they managed to get their hands on the improved version of the UltraFine 5K display and place the monitor within close range of Apple’s AirPort Extreme wireless routers to see if they would behave in the same manner as before. True to Apple’s and LG’s word, no problems were exhibited from these displays, meaning that the shielding problem had been resolved permanently. For an office setup, you honestly cannot expect such monitors to behave in this capacity because there is a slew of networking products placed in close proximity to that display.

The problems were only present in the 5K version of the display and not the UltraFine 4K model. However, users would obviously want to get more screen real estate and more pixels to shift their workspace and seeing as how the UltraFine 5K is only setting them back by $974, it makes for a really good purchase. However, you guys should be informed that the aforementioned price tag is only going to last until the end of March.

After March, the display will start to retail for $1,299.