Lenovo’s ThinkVision M14 Portable Monitor is 23% off on Amazon

Evan Federowicz
Source: Amazon

Lenovo's ThinkVision M14 portable monitor, which features not only two USB Type-C Ports but also a 1920 x 1080 resolution. This monitor has a 14-inch screen, and a 1080p resolution, even the color of this monitor is Raven Black. This monitor is currently on sale at Amazon for just $193.00.

The features of this monitor are amazing; some of them are:

  • Professional Design
    • This ultraportable 14: FHD mobile display connects to your laptop with a USB-C to give you extra screen real estate for your work, this extra screen is also a great way to share content with clients and colleagues.
    • The ergonomic design allows you to control the viewing angle, and thanks to this monitor featuring ports on either side are also friendly to right and left-handed users.
Source: Amazon
  • Ultraslim and Ultralight
    • This portable monitor weighs just 598 grams, which means that the ThinkVision M14 mobile display won't weigh you down when you are on the go.
    • At just 4.4 mm thick, makes this monitor perfect to put into your backpack without taking the entire backpack space.
    • Despite its ultraportable design, the ThinkVision M14 delivers great visuals on its FHD (1920x1080) IPS display.
  • Advanced connectivity
    • This portable monitor features two advanced USB-c ports that simultaneously support power and video, and Its "power pass-through" design lets you charge both the ThinkVision M14 and your laptop with a single adapter.
    • One note is that your laptop, tablet, or smartphone needs to have a full-function USB-C connector that supports DisplayPort 1.2 Alt Mode and PD2.0.
  • Low Blue Light
    • This monitor also features an advanced low-blue-light technology, which reduces eyestrain, this taking some of the string out of long workdays.
  • Productivity and Flexibility
    • The ThinkVision M14 mobile display's flexible design allows you to work the way that is most comfortable for you. This portable display has both ports on the right and the left side for natural alignment.
    • The monitor has a -5° to 90° tilt angle, and an adjustable foot lets you change the height to your preferred liking. To keep this monitor looking fantastic, this monitor comes with its protective sleeve.

This portable monitor is currently on sale at Amazon, and this changes the price from $249.99 down to $193.00. This makes this monitor, which features a 1080p resolution and a 60Hz more affordable. At the time of writing, Amazon states that there are only 12 left in stock.

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