Lemnis Gate Determines a Date for Its PC Beta, Unlocks Will Carry Over to Full Game

Lemnis Gate

Interested in the innovative time-travelling first-person-shooter Lemnis Gate, but want to try before you buy? Well, you’ll get a chance this month, as Frontier Foundry and developer Ratloop Games Canada have announced the dates for the game’s open beta. Said beta will offer up two modes, four maps, all seven of the game’s Operatives, and some exclusive skins you can unlock and carry over to the main game. You can check out the latest developer diary for Lemnis Gate, below.

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For those who haven’t been keeping up, Lemnis Gate is a shooter that takes place in turns, with each participant having 25 seconds to position themselves, blast somebody, ect, with all actions taking place simultaneously. You then watch the results and move onto the next 25-second turn (there are 5 turns in total). The concept is a bit hard to explain, but the video above lays it out pretty clearly. Here’s the full rundown on what’s included in the Lemnis Gate beta:

The beta will feature four maps and two game modes, offering players a taste of the tactical challenges that await them in Lemnis Gate. Retrieve XM, the first of two modes available, takes place across the maps of Tectonic Wells and Quarry. Players will need to leverage these varied landscapes as part of their strategy as they compete to collect the most Exotic Matter (XM) before time runs out. Domination is the second mode available, where players will seek to outwit and outsmart the opposition as they compete to control territory across the maps of Chimera and Arbor.

In both modes, all seven Operatives are available to select. Players can deploy the likes of robotic Operative KARL, poison-spewing Toxin, and time-slowing marksman Striker as they devise innovative strategies to outthink and outmaneuver opponents. With the match’s competitors each rolling out a new Operative at the beginning of every 25-second round, there’s plenty of scope for tactical geniuses to devise incredible game plans spanning multiple timelines. In addition to battling across various worlds, players taking part also have the opportunity to unlock exclusive operative and weapon skins only available through the beta. Any skins unlocked during the beta will carry over to the full game at launch.

The Lemnis Gate beta kicks off on July 22 at 10am PT and runs until July 26 at 10am PT. The beta will be open to everyone, even if you haven’t pre-ordered, but you’ll need a redemption code, which will be handed out via the Lemnis Gate Twitter account, Discord, and other channels.

Lemnis Gate launches on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, and PS5 on August 3.

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