Leather Cases for Apple AirPods Pro Earphones [List]


This is a list of the best leather cases you can buy for the Apple AirPods Pro true wireless earphones and keep them protected.

Wrap Your AirPods Pro in a Beautiful Leather Case and Keep it Protected at all Times

AirPods Pro come in a sleek case to keep the earphones protected at all times. But what people fail to realize is how easy it is to scratch the charging case itself. In other words, the charging case needs a case. And if you are a leather person, then we have some nice options which you can choose from below.

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Native Union Leather Case

This handcrafted case will truly become your own over time as it starts to pick up oils from your fingers and the dents from tossing it around. It is available in a total of six colors.

Buy Native Union Leather Case - $39.99

ICARER Leather Case

Available in two colors, this case has a nice texture out of the box. It supports wireless charging and does not get in the way of how the AirPods Pro functions.

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Buy ICARER Leather Case - $16.99

Hiram Leather Case

The product description is super wild, but here's what you need to know: it comes in four colors, it's super stylish and will keep your AirPods Pro protected at all times.

Buy Hiram Leather Case - $13.99

KeyBudz Leather Case

Made from handcrafted Italian leather, this slick option is available in two dark shades of leather. If you want to make a statement, this is it.

Buy KeyBudz Leather Case - $24.95

EIGNO Leather Case

For under $14, you are getting a leather case for your AirPods Pro that is stylish and comes with a keychain for hanging it anywhere you like. Now that's value.

Buy EIGNO Leather Case - $13.98

Twelve South AirSnap Pro

Twelve South makes some of the finest accessories for AirPods and the AirSnap Pro is no exception. It screams quality, comes in tons of finishes, an S-clip and a lanyard.

Buy Twelve South AirSnap Pro - $35.60

CYRILL Leather Case

Are you ready to make a bold fashion statement? This leather case from CYRILL is all about fashion and finish.

Buy CYRILL Leather Case - $23.99

Air Vinyl Design Leather Case

Who says leather cases can't be fun? Definitely not us. And this case from Air Vinyl Design offers protection along with a stylish finish. There are multiple color option to choose from, too.

Buy Air Vinyl Design Leather Case - $19.99