Learn Linux With This Power User Bundle for Just $19 – Savings of Over $670!

Rafia Shaikh

Take the Linux Power User Bundle courses and go from Linux Command Line novice to ninja with 22+ hours of elite professional training.

learn linux power user bundle

Learn Linux for just $19:

Get the Linux Power User Bundle at a whopping 97% discount and become a Linux expert. Featuring over 22 hours of professional course covering core concepts and commands, the bundle works as an essential toolkit to help you become a Linux expert. Here are the details:

- High Availability for the LAMP Stack

The success of any site or app begins and ends with the site itself not going down. This step-by-step guide will teach you to eliminate potential points of failure, and guarantee the site is prepared for scaling and giant surges in traffic. Learn to ensure service availability for Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP based web applications. Plus, with this solution, you can repair failures on your own time and not in the middle of the night.

- Linux for Beginners

This top-rated Linux course has been completed by 25,000 students and counting, and is a great way for anyone to get acquainted with this popular operating system. You need absolutely zero previous knowledge to successfully complete this course as it teaches you everything from installation to advanced techniques.

- Learn Linux in 5 Days & Level Up Your Career 

If you have a busy schedule, but have been itching to learn the ins-and-outs of Linux, this is the course for you. In just 12 hours, the instructor not only introduces you to the basics of Linux, but dives into advanced concepts and techniques. Master the Linux Command Line and become a true power user in just 12 hours total.

  • Learn the most important Linux concepts & commands w/ over 73 lectures and 12 hours of content
  • Benefit from this course w/ zero previous experience
  • Understand new concepts, commands & jargon
  • Learn how to access a Linux server
  • Understand what a Linux distribution is & which one to choose
  • Navigate the file system layout of Linux systems
  • Customize your shell prompt
  • Use aliases, tab completion & your shell history to be more efficient
  • and much more!

- Linux Alternatives to Windows Applications

If you’ve fostered an interest in Linux, but have been intimidated by the transition, this is the course for you. The instructor introduces you to Linux equivalents of your favorite Windows programs and apps, so your transition is as smooth as can be. You don’t even need Linux to complete the course. The instructor will teach you to set up a virtual software, so you get the full experience without full commitment.

- Linux Command Line Essentials: Become a Linux Power User!

This course was created to answer one essential question: what’s the most important Linux skill to gain? The Linux Command Line is the key to navigating Linux with ease, and this course will help you master the command line in under and hour’s time.

Sold for $693, the Linux Power User Bundle is available for only $19 for a limited time. This deal isn't coming back any soon so grab it while you can and build up some new skills.

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