Android Marshmallow For Galaxy Note 5 Leaked, System Dump Available To Download


Samsung has jumped the gun, and has by mistake, pushed out Android Marshmallow to one Galaxy Note 5 user a bit early. Apart from that, the system dump of the leaked build is available to download immediately.

Galaxy Note 5

Samsung Pushes Out Android Marshmallow Early For One Note 5 User

At this current point in time, there's no clear word when Android Marshmallow would arrive for the Galaxy Note 5. But if a leaked timetable is anything to go by, then we should expect Google's latest mobile goodness to arrive some time in December, but of course, that timeframe could change. However, Samsung might have pushed out things a little too early for one user, as Marshmallow arrived on his smartphone ahead of schedule. Strangely enough, the user didn't even pull off any sort of trick to get the update either. It just arrived on its own.

But, the update arriving early for one user is not the interesting bit. Instead, the user was kind enough to post screenshots of the build itself on XDA as well as the entire system dump of the update. Now, while the system dump is available for everyone to download, we do not recommend doing anything with it just yet as flashing it onto your device may (possibly) brick it to smithereens. We suggest holding back for now, although we are aware how tempting it is to flash unreleased firmware onto a flagship device.

Here are the screenshots showing Marshmallow running on a Galaxy Note 5.

As you can see from the screenshots, Samsung made some tweaks to how TouchWiz actually looks. In some instances, it looks more refined, but you can't ignore the fact that it is, after all, TouchWiz, at the end of the day. But still, it's good to see that Samsung is taking steps in the right direction.

Apart from TouchWiz itself, the build screams Marshmallow in a lot of places, for example the permissions boxes, and of course, the Marshmallow logo itself.

Android Marshmallow will take a while to reach our devices depending on carrier and region. After all, Samsung has to squeeze in bloatware onboard, making sure that it doesn't fall short in terms of junk software. Face it, that day is far off where we would be able to pick up a device directly from the carrier itself without any traces of bloatware on it. And when that day does come, we're certain a new complication would arise.

If you're looking to download the system dump of the firmware, then simply hit the source link below.