Latest SwiftKey Update for iOS Introduces New Design, Ton of New Languages

Uzair Ghani

SwiftKey for iOS has been updated, and brings to the table a ton of new languages, improved design as well as new animated themes.

Microsoft-Owned SwiftKey Receives a Hefty Update - Will Definitely Appease Users

If you list down the best third-party keyboard apps for both iOS and Android, then SwiftKey is one name that will surely pop up in every list created. Not only it gets the job done, but it's also one of the best keyboards available with a lot on offer.

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Today, the Microsoft-owned software is receiving a major update, bringing to the table a handful of great changes. Kicking things off is the app icon itself which has gotten a refresh. But once you bring the keyboard into view, the latest update freshens everything up with a brand new look which is flatter, offers neatly spaced keys while also offering a simple color scheme. Keep one thing in mind: the design overhaul applies to the Nickel Dark and Nickel Light themes.

- 68 new languages
- Introducing two new animated themes, Zig Zag and Cogs, each available in three colors
- Nickel Light and Nickel Dark themes have been updated with a fresh new look
- A design overhaul with an updated emoji panel, settings and icon

If you are a huge fan of customizing your keyboard, then you will be pleased to learn that the latest update adds six new themes to the roster. They feature unique animations of their own. This is something worth pointing out if you love looking into finer details.

Supporting the many different languages spoken by our users around the world and delivering the best multilingual typing experience has always been one of our goals - and a point of pride for the SwiftKey team. We're incredibly excited to offer more language models than any other iOS keyboard available right now and we can't wait for you to get your hands on them.

Last but not the least, the latest update to the keyboard adds support for 68 new languages, which is more than what is available in any keyboard app available on the App Store. This is a huge deal for those living in many different regions round the world.

The app is available for everyone on the App Store and you can download it by tapping on the link below. If you have the app installed on your device right now, then you can grab the update straight from the App Store's Update section.

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